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Winter Wish-list
The non-definitive list of things to be improved before March 2021
  • Interim Results Report - split XCJ and SCT
  • Control page - let the Held Times pop-up amend Elapsed Time after the horse has finished. Better list of withdrawn entries. Counter to show horses still to run in this Scramble Group.
  • Verify Scores page - allow Scorer to amend scores on this page. Indicate when XCT includes a Held Time. Put Dressage in number order.
  • Search page - search across all events (time-limited?), search by branch, search by owner, search by breeding
  • Timekeepers page - handling clocks changing. Did Not Start option.
  • EARS page - tell you if a section is already finalised. Import breeding from Salesforce.
  • All Scores page - pop-up to show XC Time Started, Time Finished, held times. Colour coding to show if a score is verified or not. Don't put the cursor into the first field when opening a section. Able to retrieve withdrawn entries on this page.
  • SJ page - show name and scores of the previous horse
  • Dressage Movements page - improve highlighting to indicate which movement you are on
  • Online Programme - upload course plans.
  • Times page - red lines. Red flag (Remember this) and green flag (I've reviewed it, all OK). Move to a time.
  • Entry Report - a new report telling you everything about one entry - to print out when there is a difficult query. Full audit trail.
  • Flags report - a new report listing all the nations at this event
  • Live XC page - remove yesterday's results
  • Add an Entry - copy an entry is faulty
  • Classes page - changing an Optimum Time needs a prompt to ask whether or not to change all those currently scored.
Updates not yet announced
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • Leaders page shows phases completed rather than "Partial". Table widths improved.
  • Dressage Labels includes options for a whole class
  • Timekeepers page - more resilient when Internet is lost or slow.
  • Multiples report - excludes phases that don't have times. Live update when you click a checkbox. Improved presentation
  • Event Access - new "Officials and Suppliers" list, to handle a) access and b) online programme
  • Section List - new report
  • All Scores - XCT info button shows actual start/finish times, held times etc
  • Event Summary - new page shows numbers and details by class, day, section and status. Will add links to Edit Entry and Balloting pages
Updates on October 2020
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • Search Page - Printable Number link gives only that horse's number
  • Export to Salesforce by Section - now can extend a section with more than 50 runners
  • Split Event Settings into two pages
  • Secretaries can now use the Admin - Classes and Teams pages.
  • Declarations page can now handle the un-withdrawing of entries
  • SJ page now blocks entries withdrawn before starting. Slightly wider Time Taken field to show times over 100 seconds.
Updates on 16 September 2020
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • Times page updated to cope better with VET phases
  • Export Files - new Trot-Up report
  • Export Files - new Interim Results report
  • Event page - two further optional Information fields
  • The text on bib numbers can now be set at website, venue or section level. The venue and section level over-rides are only usable on premium sites and premium events. The premium sites are www.ponyclubresults.co.uk so far.
  • SJ Judge's page now converts times of 7234 to 72.34
  • XC Masters page Verify button now shows number and total score
  • Verify Scores page XC in start time order
  • Results page can be embedded in other websites
Updates on 1 September 2020
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • New option in Export Files - 5-column Running Order
  • Export Files - Withdrawn Entries now shows the date that the entry was withdrawn
  • Timekeeper page for Controllers and Commentators now shows the commentary information when available
  • Verify Scores page improved handling of runners eliminated at SJ
Updates on 25 August 2020
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • Pony Club site - built in the 2020 rules: PC100+ class, different tie-break rules
  • The Phase Times printout accessed from the print icon on the Times page now goes straight to the pdf version – no need to click the pdf button. It also has a sensible default filename when you download it e.g. Dressage_G.pdf or Show Jumping STUV.pdf. If you get an empty printout where you were expecting a list of times, check the “Order within the Block” for the relevant sections. These should be different numbers for each section – having two sections with the same order number can cause this issue.
  • The Fence Judges page now imports the Benjie Unwin spreadsheet and displays SJ scores within 2 seconds (previously 60-100 seconds)
  • The Export Files page now has an option to create Dressage Labels, either 14 or 21 to a sheet.
  • On the Times page, you no longer need to alter the Planned entries for a section to be able to link entries to times.
  • The Times page can now display a timetable for long format classes. Soon, you will be able to hide unused phase columns. Some background work done to resolve a bug on scrambled phases where the class runs across more than one day.
  • The Verify Scores page has been updated to fix the Hide blanks and Hide verified switches. When verifying SJ scores, there is a new column showing the time that the score was first entered. The SJ scores are ordered by this column. It should normally match the SJ sheets, but sometimes judges put a dummy score into number 1 which makes it appear earlier than perhaps it ought. Suggestion from Alex Fox.
  • The audit trail page showing uploads of results to BE can now be accessed by Renee.
  • Import Timetable from EARS can now cope with CCI classes using different dressage days
  • EARS exchange page redesigned to make it more intuitive and less likely to result in errors
  • EARS exchange page allows the scorer to finalise a section's results on Salesforce, setting the BE points and preventing further updates.
  • New options on the Advanced settings for the XC phase allow the hiding of XC Time Taken and XC Optimum Time - for NSEA classes. Default is not to hide XC Time Taken and XC Optimum Time.
Updates on 13 August 2020
These changes have been released in the last few days:
  • Times page – fewer red lines. The majority of the red line/green line problems were being caused by the time being locked before it had finished saving after the move. Now fixed. There is still a bit of a red/green line problem that I haven’t got to the bottom of, but 90% of them have gone.
  • You can now hide a day’s timetable in the Timetable part of the Times page. Just right click on the red header and choose Hide This Block. Right click again to get to Show This Block.
  • New button on the Sectioning page that you can click to calculate the distances for the un-sectioned entries. It needs to do them in batches of 200 at a time. There is a new column on the Summary to tell you how many un-sectioned entries are missing their postcode.
  • Approved video companies can ask for a log in to access to the data file of entries and actual start times. It also gives them access to the read-only (commentators) version of the Timekeepers page.
  • Second Scorers can now update scores
  • New report on Export Files called Prize Money. It lists all the winners of prize money – useful to give to the Organiser.
  • Scores cannot be amended when the Section Status is Final. This applies to all users including the Scorer. If you need to amend a score after setting the section status to Final, then the first step is the change the section status back to Provisional. This change has been made to prevent accidental changes of scores which have been identified as the cause of several queries since the restart.
  • Scores cannot be amended when setting the Prize Money. We have had two separate cases where the scorer accidentally put the prize money amounts in to the Dressage Score field. This is now impossible – when you click the Prize Money button all the other scoring fields are locked. Click the Prize Money button again to unlock them.
  • Renee can now access the audit history showing when you sent in the results for each section. She can also access the Fence Analysis reports to do an initial check when dealing with Monday morning enquiries.
  • Running Orders report now copes when some unused sections have been hidden.
  • Unaffiliated events can import Unsectioned Entries from Excel files to make use of the Sectioning page

Can I take this opportunity to remind you that we need the fence penalties to be put into the XC Masters page. This lets us send the correct Elimination Code to EARS and also provides the fence-level data for later analysis. The XC Masters page now has a Verify button on it so that you can put in fence penalties and verify at the same time.

A lesson from ALW4 this week: if you are using split sections (e.g. A and A1) to manage dressage over two days, then when you merge them please merge them into section A rather than section A1.

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